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    Information Technology



Joseph's IT lab constitute of highly maintained computer systems  (Pentium 4) with PEER TO PEER networking and BROAD BAND connections.

" The power of Information Technology is mind-boggling; so much that the influence it casts can be felt even in the simple tasks that constitute our daily lives. And, as professionals in this information age, we are sure you fully realize the paramount importance of arming yourselves with the latest technologies & happenings in the industry today - the vital info that helps you stay ahead and shapes your career."      says mr.raj shukla.

There are three Computer Laboratories

located on campus. They are equipped

with computers, appropriate software

(compilers, word processors, database managers, etc.),

network connections, printing facilities

and high speed Internet access. Lab based

courses are taught in the labs so that concepts

can be put into practice immediately. In addition

to the computer labs, a number of computers and

associated software and facilities are available in

each dormitory common area and library. Network!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and Internet connections are also available.